Tips on Picking a Reputable Commercial Cleaning Service

07 Oct

Deciding on a cleaning service doesn't have to be a time consuming task if you use the information which is going to be provided as a tool which will support you through the process. A commercial cleaning service that takes its time to reply of your questions, who also has a thorough understanding of the services also takes the opportunity to survey the facility and has complete knowledge of the service to be performed is most likely will surpass your expectations. Other Relevant factors include:


Does that company have liability insurance and is it sufficient to shield you against a liability claim due to the cleaning? Do they have employee's compensation insurance? Nearly all states have this as a requirement. Don't just simply depend on the statement of this cleaning company. Many businesses don't have insurance, or carry minimal quantity. Get a copy of their insurance certificate. Should you employ them do insist on being added as a certificate holder and additional insured, and that means you are updated using a new certification once it expires or if the policy is cancelled. Know more about Square Feat Inc.

Each cleaning service that is commendable will be glad to supply proof of insurance. Select a cleaning service which provides insurance to cover you together with your commercial facility in the event of damage to the cleaners while they are on your facility. Learn more about cleaning services at

Cleaning Products & Equipment

For your safety before you hire the medical cleaning services proceed through the facility and find out for yourself what means are used on the surfaces. Many inexperienced commercial cleaners use the products improperly or utilize the products improperly. Some cleansers even us the wrong equipment. This can cause permanent stains or damage into your property. A company that is reliable and professional will take the time assist you in creating a schedule to maintain the facility, and also to tour your facility.

Cleaning Checklist

Ask the cleaning service for a cleaning list that will record a variety of those services completed for each cleaning. This check list or "work order" ought to be signed by management for the industrial cleaning contractor to submit billing. This guarantees you will just pay for services provided to your satisfaction.

Pricing Structure

Request a pricing structure from the commercial cleaning service not just for the regular services but likewise n for any incidental services which might arise with them during your contract. So three times they are cleaning your floors? But, what if something happens to require a wax and strip of the floor area? Just how much does this cost? A good cleaning service will clearly understand your need and knows budgets.

Lastly, policies. Ask to go through the companies policies of their cancellation, payment modes that they allow and if they will grant a guarantee.

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